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SWIS - Smart Well Information System

SWIS is a user-friendly web-based application that makes accessing critical well data not only easy, but instant. SWIS sits on top of your data sources for quick implementation and there is no need to import any data from existing systems.


Many of our competitors market their solutions as "easy to integrate"; however, in all reality one of two realities occur: 1. all company data needs to be imported into the new solution or 2. large amounts of both time and money are required to complete the "integration".

SWIS is completely different!

SWIS utilizes Dynamo; a power data-integration tool, allowing the system to quickly be configured to interact with not only the native SWIS database, but other supported database systems. Therefore, you don't have to worry about needing to copy existing data from your systems into SWIS. Each module in SWIS can be configured to read and/or read/write from either a single data source or a multitude of data sources, both internal and external.

SWIS is designed using the 80/20 rule to determine what is most often needed in the industry and is optimized to the path of most frequently accessed data. Then, our process is to work with our partners to localize and customize SWIS thoughtfully to work as fit-for-purpose in our partners everyday work environment.


SWIS provides the mechanism for accomplish engineering needs including:


SWIS allows for information to easily transfer to others within the company - accessing and sharing well information and maintaining quality communication between geographically separate operations and engineering teams.

In large scale oilfield operations, organizations tend to adopt a mix of functional and geographical organizational structure. The engineering staff is primarily located hundreds of miles from the field and is organized by resevoir teams. Getting this mix of area, functional and reservoir organizational structures to operate efficiently is another objective of the well data management system.

SWIS allows for strategic data gathered at functional levels that mimic support domain and discipline workflow to be viewed companywide.

Supported Databases / Data Systems

SWIS is very easy to customize and extend.

SWIS StandardFeatures

Well Tests

SWIS: Cloud

SWIS:Cloud is the industry's first API RP90-2 compliant cloud offering. Unlike other cloud offerings, SWIS:Cloud has the structure in place to follow the Annulus Casing Pressure Management Workflow process that is identified by the American Petroleum Institute.


$500/mo $5,000/yr (PRE-PAID - 2 months FREE)


$800/mo $8,000/yr (PRE-PAID - 2 months FREE)


$3000/mo $30,000/yr (PRE-PAID - 2 months FREE)

Each implementation will include:

Note: Any extra customizations required for the package will be billed at variable rates depending on package.

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Oil & Gas professionals have come to rely on Yuit as a premier application development company. Yuit has supported the industry’s largest oil producer with Well Integrity and Enterprise software and support for over a decade. Yuit’s creative and dynamic staff is based in both Anchorage, Alaska and Moscow, Russia, thus providing seamless 24 hour support. Yuit provides itself on being the scalable choice for the industry. Weather you are a small resource extractor with just a few wells, to having 9,000 wells in just one region, Yuit has scalable options...local or global.

Yuit dynamic applications have a proven reputation to simplify, strengthen and transform its partner’s external operations and internal efficiency. Our team members are dedicated to learning about our client’s day-to-day business operations to develop application solutions to fit their needs.

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After we were sold. The new company required a high experience company in software development and with a deep knowledge around well integrity variables for our operation. We found the support and high quality development with any problem during the project. We found great knowledge, high tech support 24 by 7, and no limitation to work overseas. I should say that I would recommend this company for their high work and compromise with customer expectations. – IPM Andres Moriones

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